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Cheap Deals to Cape Town at Seven Zones Travel

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London Heathrow is the only city in the United Kingdom offering direct flights to Cape Town. Now you can fly from London Heathrow with Virgin Atlantic or British Airways (One world).

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Which Airlines Provides the Best Direct Flights to Cape Town?

South Africa’s second biggest and largest airport is Cape Town International Airport. It is a world-class airport. There are 36 airports with direct going flights to Cape Town across the world, distributed among 35 locations in 19 countries. There are currently 13 domestic flights available to Cape Town.

The travel Routes from Durban (DUR) and Johannesburg (JNB), both in South Africa, are the most frequently departed flights to Cape Town. These two routes are combined 1757 times this month, accounting for 59 percent of total monthly arrivals at Cape Town International Airport.

Things To Remember Before You Travel to Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa's most popular coastal destination, offers a wide range of beautiful places and activities that you can perform there. However, learning a few things about your location is always good. Read on to learn a few things you should know before buying cheap flights from London to Cape Town.

1.    Drinkable Tap Water

The drinking water in Cape Town, South Africa, is among the best globally and is safe to drink and cook with. Try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking water and also wear a full cloths and hat to protect yourself from the sun. Also do apply sunscreen when visiting during the summer.

2.    Learn the Lingo

Knowing some slang and language is beneficial to help you adjust to this multi-cultural metropolis. People in Cape Town speak a mix of English and Afrikaans, Xhosa and English, and various other dialects, which can be perplexing but not hard to grasp.

So, before you book a low-cost flight to Cape Town, look out for some lingo and slang that you can use in Cape Town.

3.    Cars Drive on The Left

People drive Cars on the left side of the road in this former British colony, so whether having a car or crossing roads, keep that in mind.

4.    Put on The Comfiest Walking Shoes You Have

Walking is undoubtedly the finest and healthiest way to experience Cape Town. Most of the city's top places are located within walking distance and you can easily access them without any travel cost.

You may walk easily from the Company's Garden to Long Street, Kloof Street or Bree Street, or but remember that most Cape Town streets are sheer, so you will need to be reasonably healthy to see the city on foot.


Discover the Mother City of South Africa, with its vibrant mix of commerce, wildlife, history, and nightlife. Seven Zones Travel can book your flight from London to Cape Town at very cheap rates with the best deals offered.